Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best Running Partner Ever!!

Ran the rail trail this morning with my daughter Isla. She was in the BOB Stroller and I pushing behind it. She rarely made a peep and when she did it was for a snack or water break. We stopped a bunch to look at the river flowing by, as she is a water baby and loves to look at and be in any kind of water. I feel bad it took this long to take her on a run, though when she was able to actually ride in the BOB while someone ran, it was the end of winter and I really wouldn't take her on the roads around my house. Hope to do this again soon, as we both had a blast.

Run was 6 miles in 52ish minutes. Legs feel good. Right knee was cranky for a few then straightened out. Bottom of right foot (landscaping injury in the beginning of July...) still bothering me.

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