Monday, August 15, 2011

Almost Back

I'm almost thinking its time to get back to running. All this time off (2 weeks pre MW 100 and 1 week so far post) has gotten me stir crazy. I told myself to take two weeks off after the race but I may start running this week. I feel great, no aches and pains and could have run at the end of last week if I needed to. Slow and steady to start and hopefully peaking come race time in October.

Ben, my pacer at the MW 100, recently places 3rd at the TARC Summer Classic. I know this dude can run and it was nice to see it pay off. Check out his write up on the race here.

School starting in next week, so my summer is almost over. Had a great break from teaching and now need to focus on actually thinking for myself (cutting grass is mindless exercise...i love it though). I also am excited to get back on my morning run routine which seems to energize my day from the get go.

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