Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So its been about 4 days since the epic journey. My legs feel great, as does the rest of my body, but one toe is still giving me issues. The nail is going to fall off and there is a huge blister right underneath it. Painful to say the least. I've been doing warm Epsom salt baths 3x a day for the past 4 days and they seem to really help. I may add this in to my long run recovery routine in the future.

Speaking of the future. Just signed up for the ghost train trail race in brookline, nh in oct. Its a 7.5 mile out and back on some old railroad grade. Not really my cup of tea but it has a 30hr time limit and I may try to get that 100 that eluded me over the weekend. Still some time to think of what I want to do, but for now more salt baths, rest and eating a lot of good food.


  1. Hey Justin
    I enjoyed reading your report from the Maine wilderness run. It sounded like a real tough course! Congrats on breaking your distance PR. Good to see you're signing up for another one. You should crush it!

  2. Thanks Shane. To be honest that report was tough to write. I almost didn't want to write anything. Maybe it was too soon after the race or maybe it was just reliving a traumatic experience. Not really sure but I can't wait for my next attempt. Thanks a ton for your support.

  3. I was thinking about how after you ended the race the other day you were asking me and Adam what you did wrong or what could've made you not finish. I thought of a few things

    The gatorade and ginger ale combination in the water bottles. I've read a lot about how sugary drinks throughout the whole race can be bad because towards the end you can no longer stomach them, which seemed to happen with you. Maybe carry water/lightly flavored electrolyte water (Succeed tablets?) and slurp down that mixture at aid stations?

    Changing your shoes at least once would've probably helped a lot as well.