Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Singletary....And I Didn't Get Lost

Jay and I ran the trails in west milbury this morning (near lake singletary) and had a blast. This place is the shizznit for trail running. We ran the same trails I've been covering the past two times and had no hitches as far as direction goes. We did discuss, however, how easy it would be to get turned around and for someone to get really lost. Total run time was an hour and 20 for 8 miles.

Cool intreview with my boyfriend Anton here.


  1. The shizznit comment got me questioning (or at least continue questioning), the boyfriend comment confirmed what I've been suspecting...

  2. If need to question or confirm anything, you know where to find me buddy.

    Jk. My wife always rags on me because I look at Tonk K's blog all the time, hence the "boyfriend" comment i get from her.