Monday, June 13, 2011

Virginia, Maine and Recap and Wheeler/Williams Property

I went down to Virginia over the weekend with my family to see the in-laws. Always a great times and a cool place to visit. Got in one run on Saturday in 90 degree temps with mucho humidity. I started from there house in Alexandria and ran to a place called Huntley Meadows.  The park consisted of rail trail, single track and boardwalk extending out into a small pond. A cool variety of terrain, just outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Total run time was 1:42 for 10.5 miles.

Looks like we're headed to Maine during the first week of August. I signed up for my first 100 miler up there on the "100 Mile Wilderness" on the Appalachian Trail. The Trail Monsters Running Club is putting it on and cordially invited me to join. I still want to do the Grindstone down in VA in October, but logistically it may not happen. It falls on the same weekend as Columbus day, and as a teacher, we cannot (contractually) take the day off before a long weekend (the race starts on that Friday...). I'm not saying its out of the question, but traveling to VA after school (by car....) on Thursday, getting in late, probably not sleeping well, then running (trying to at least) 100 miles could be a recipe for disaster. We'll see.

As for the weekly (bi-weekly, due to my not getting last week in) mileage, I ran only 36 miles this week, but was able to cram in 74 miles last week. Hitting a 70 mile week was huge for me and is the largest week this year so far. I felt good last week and did not see any damage from the sudden increase (27, 48 ,41....74!).  Did not get any core training in last week or strength training, but I played floor hockey 4 days. Looking to increase the core/strength this week and to keep the hockey up as well.

Ran Wheeler and the Williams Property this morning. A sluggish run to say the least. Traveling yesterday killed me. Delayed and hour (sat on the runway), then the worst flight of my life. Ever ride a bike down a set of train tracks? That's what it felt like from DC to Bos. Yikes!!! I thought I was going to puke the whole way. Anyways, an hour and change for six miles. Saw one possum and three deer. The deer where actually about 30 feet from me and we just stopped and looked at each other for awhile. Nothing moved. No sounds. Just me and three deer eyeing each other. Not to many people can say they do that around here. Running in the morning and in the woods really does have its rewards.

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