Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Running with a Celeb

Ran with Gleason this morning. For those who do not know, he is the cross country coach here at GHS, former providence college x-country star, and two time winner of the red sox run to home base.  He also finished 4th in the providence marathon in a time of 2:47! This dude can flat out run!!!

He came over to the high school to grab some equipment last week and casually said we should get together and "jog" in the morning. I first was like (to myself), dude I don't "jog" and second, I'd like to see you keep up with me on the trail. Gleason is a road guy and doesn't frequent my turf. He did, however, hold his own as I pushed the pace for 50 minutes at Rayburn. I think Pete would do real well in trail racing, as he has the base and is obviously very fast, he just needs to frequent the trails more often.

Great run of 6 miles with good company. Not sure if he'll join me in my morning expeditions (he's got two kids and it is 445am!) but I can maybe persuade him to join me for one a week.

Also got out for a mid morning run after exams finished. Jay, Bri R and myself hit the lower wheeler and Williams property in fine fashion. Good hills that are underrated in my opinion.  Maybe it was just the route I choose, not sure but it felt good. Total run time was 1:09 for 6.5 miles.

Cool vid of Geoff Roes here

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