Monday, June 20, 2011

Pisgah Saturday, Dad's Day and Rayburn Powerlines Today

Couldn't seem to get online over the weekend due to my laptop crapping out. Too much junk on it and not enough memory may cause me to DDT the thing. Anyhow, got in a good run at Mt. Pisgah in Northboro/Berlin and found some cool unmapped trails on the Berlin side. Total run was 1:52 for 12 miles.

My first fathers day was great. A nice walk at Rutland st park in the morning with my fam, followed by a trip to EMS to look for a baby hiking pack, then a stop at rota spring farm for some ice cream. Great day!

Today's weather was awesome. Clear and crisp. Almost fall-like. Its was 52 when i started and a lot cooler in some spots along the rayburn power line trail. Decided not to push it today just run somewhat hard. Instead of going in the woods to start, I headed down the road to the actual power line start. I also tacked on a few tenths by taking the road (near mr. ed's) down to the woods trail then back up to the power lines due to overgrowth on part of the power line trail (i hate them ticks!).
Total run was 7 miles in 1:01.

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