Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Plummer's Landing

Heard about a cool place in northbridge to run called plummer's landing. I think either dr. naughton suggested it or i found it on a mt. bike site. Anyhow, cool place with a fair amount of single track (that I found at least), rail trail and double track. Need to go back for some recon to find more single track, which I'm sure it has (the same people that made rayburn and singletary developed this place too). 

Western States 100 is this weekend. A race that I would like to do at some point. Good article at runningtimes on it.

Also, cool race report of the Bighorn 100, another race I'd like to do at some point by Shane.

Some of you many know but I'm a huge subaru fan and even bigger wrx fan. I've owned two wrx's in my lifetime. sick car is an understatement. check out this vid of travis pastrana taking one to the top of the hill. I've hiked this mtn and walked up and down this road. windy and real narrow in spots. quite impressive. This race is actually this weekend. sucks, we're headed up next weekend for vacation. week to late this year...

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