Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Running Sucks

Ran the roads this morning. Not sure why? May have something to do with the hours of rain we had and the trails being absolute swamps. Did the Highfields loop of 9.2 miles, which I've done in 1:09 previously, and today in 1:08:13. Felt like junk the whole run, so I'm surprised I PR'd on it. Must be doing something right...

Ran the plummer's landing trails post exams today with Jay. We headed up Goat hill, which is where i was trying to get to on wed. Found solid trails, some technical, some flat packed dirt in which you can fly on. Nice find i might say. Total run was 1:14 for 7.5 miles.

Another cool vid of travis pastrana haulin up the big hill

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