Sunday, April 3, 2011

Run and Weekly Re-cap

This morning I thought I was in for a solid training run and did not get the results I was looking for. The TARC group run was advertised as a quick pace on tough terrain. They said 9 to 11 minute miles with breaks as needed. The group was 8 large and was widdled down to 4 by the end of the run. Many could not hold the pace and one had never been on trails (although hung tough and finished with us). Not complaining at all. It was a good run in a different place with cool people. Next time I hoping for more of a training run (faster pace). Run was 3 hours in time and 14 miles in length. Many breaks broke up this run.

The blue hills was a cool mix of single and double track with some fire roads mixed in. Many ups and downs similar to the fells which was a challenge.

Got in 44 miles for the week. Not bad for running 40 the week before and only taking one rest day (snow storm). Did 4 days of core and no strength training. I got to get back to the strength training. I didn't do any last week and need to pick it up again. Played many games of badminton for cross training (if you'd call it that...more out of enjoyment, i love badminton!)

Cool article by my boyfriend (thats what my wife calls him), Anton Krupicka over at runningtimes

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