Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eagle Lake + Monthly Re-cap

On one of my few nap time drives (when my daughter is having a hard time falling asleep for her afternoon nap, we will hop in the car, drive aimlessly, then return home after an hour or so), I 've attempted to spot new places to trail run in and around Holden.

One of the places that I found was eagle lake. Its not big by any means but multiple loops can be made to get in an hour or so without getting too boring. The trails (today) were covered in about two inches of snow or clear for the most part. I flew around making a few loops and exploring the Holden municipal pipeline as well. All said and done it was a 42 minute run for 5 miles. This place will be awesome come late spring when everything dries up. The trails flow well from a running standpoint with minimal elevation change. This should be a great spot to do some fast paced trail running, working on my leg turnover.

Looking to head to the blue hills reservation in Milton tomorrow morning. The trail animals running club (TARC) is hosting weekend runs now. On Saturdays they meet at the fells (agghh!) and Sundays they meet at blue hills. Both places are about an hour away, but feature many like-minded individuals that want to run the trails hard.

Achieved my goal of 175 miles in the month of March. The total ended up being 214 with six days off. Two of the days were due to the taper and the others seemed to be Sundays. Looking to hit 225 miles for the month of April. With the new running shoes I am excited to hit the roads, possibly even some longs runs. With the warming weather, the trails could be a mess too. I think with the TARC runs on the weekend, it will help me bump my mileage up as well. My longs runs during the winter seemed to be below 20 miles (exceeded once or twice) which was fine. Not a fan of the roads and most trails weren't packed to run on. Last spring and summer I was pumping out 20-30 miles long runs every weekend. Can't wait to get back to that.

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