Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Did LSD This Morning!

LONG SLOW DISTANCE, for all you non-runners! The mid-state trail starting at Rutland State Park, heading over Harding Hill, through Barre Falls Dam and heading north to route 62 was my route of choice. It was an 11 mile out and back with some additional single track mixed in along the way.

Trail was a mix of fire roads, single and double track and a little bit of asphalt. A bit wet in some boggy spots but nothing that couldn't be side-stepped. Saw nobody on the trail the entire 3:40, which was fantastic. Cold temps to start (31 deg) then up to 41 at the end. Started in shorts and t-shirt with gloves (brrrr).

Pace was a bit over 10 minute miles for 22 miles total. Good training run for the 50k and 50 miler I have coming up. Body feels good and weight dipped down to 159lbs post run. First time its been below 160 in awhile.

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