Friday, April 15, 2011

Run Hard

I figured I had enough "pussy footin" around for one week and decided to actually run hard this morning. I decided on the poweline loop and just put the hammer down. All said and done I cruised through the 6.6 mile lollipop loop in 56:13. At some points I was on the verge of "out of control" on some of the downhills. It being somewhat rocky and dark made this a real challenge. I figure running it during the day and with drier conditions I could break 53. Only time will tell. Ended up running the dirt road and some single track for a cool down. By this time the sun had come up and was a nice change to run without my headlamp for once.

My mother is law is coming up for the weekend, so I'm not sure when I can sneak out for a long run. Saturday would be my preference. Looking to hit the mid-state trail for some big mileage.

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