Sunday, April 17, 2011

Westboro Charm Braclet + Weekly Re Cap

Ran some of the Westboro Charm Braclet loop this afternoon. The trail consisted of smooth flowing trails that you can really fly on. I did not however. The legs felt tired and a bit heavy so I just went at a casual pace (10min/mile). So parts were flooded and I had to side-step and eventually had to turn around due to a massive run-off from the mill pond.

Would like to explore more of westboro's trail system in the future. Maybe I'll have a chance this coming week.

Ended the week with 50 miles. Sore right shin didn't feel so good at the beginning of the week but felt good today. My left knee felt a little funny towards the end of my long run on saturday. I don't think its running related. I went hard in floor hockey on friday and did a lot of stopping and going which I haven't done in awhile. It felt a little better today on the shake-out run. Did 5 days of core training and only 1 day of strength training this week.

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