Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunrise Number 2

Saw a great sunrise again this morning. Planned it though this time. Did a bunch a small loops near the big field so I knew when it was coming. Started my friday off the right way with this sight. I don't think many people actually see the sun rise and set. Can't wait to run a 100 so I can see it in the same day.

Wheeler upper and lower trails today was my destination. Good run with some added loops and reversal of usually direction. All together it was 7 miles and an hour and 11 minutes.

Looking at three hours tomorrow. Hiting the trails early. Not sure where but I know its gonna be a good one.

Just picked up a new book called Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald. Just got into it but I think this may be the key to success for me. I can run long and be competitive in most races, but my weight and body comp needs to be adjusted. This book (hopefully) will explain what I need to do. I have always thought if I could just lose "X" amount of weight I could really fly on the trails. We'll see if it works...

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