Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fun Run

Had the alarm set for 6am today. It went off and got me up, but I couldn't seem to make it out of bed. Three weeks of 4:45am runs during the work week have finally caught up to me. I needed to sleep in and make the most of my downtime this weekend.

Contacted Ben to see if he had run yet and he had not. We decided to hit the trails off rivelin st. in milbury (also known as "rayburn"). The trails ranged from groomed hard pack to soft slushy snow. Snowmobiles had their way with the major trails but did not hit any of the real single track we run in the other three seasons.

Ran 9 miles in an hour and half. Temps were in the upper 40's to low 50's for the run. Overdressed to the max. Had tights, underarmour and a long sleeve shirt (to Ben's cut-off shirt so all the trees could see the gun show!). Will have to plan accordingly next time and actually check the temps before i leave the house.

Talk was good and kept the run fun. Before I knew it we were back at lot cooling down. All in all a solid training run before our ultras this month. Ben is in NJ in two weekends and I have the fells ultra in three weekends.

Cool article on crewing and pacing for ultra's from

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