Monday, March 28, 2011

Right Back At It

After this weekends ultra, I knew that a few days rest was doable (advisable), but I felt good after my shakedown run Sunday night and met Jay at the high school for a few miles. We did the gazebo route (5 miles) and then peeled off down Janet Circle to the dead end and took a short cut to the Stop and Shop parking lot via an old closed road and back to the high school (1.1). Six point one in 56 minutes. The legs were barking on the ups but even more on the downs. The quads really took a beating on the all the downhills on Saturday I guess.

Would like to hit the trails tomorrow. Less pounding on the joints and will probably move a bit slower out there than the roads. Or I may just take a rest day. We'll see how I hold up today...

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