Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Re-Cap and Post Race Thoughts

Got in 61 miles this week, which is a high for me so far this year and my legs feel great after yesterday's run. Followed up yesterday's 40 with and easy 3 at trout brook. I've been doing a few miles after my races to loosen the legs up and it seems to work well with my recovery.

The results were posted on the fells trail ultra website and I took 3rd place. I saw the first place guy a bunch of times throughout the race and it looked like he was floating down the trail and not really running. Unbelievable.

Forgot to mention my falls in the race report! Not sure how I missed them. Within the first five minutes of the race I was already on the ground. I think it was the case of me not running on the trails without snow being the issue. During the winter the trails are packed out and roots and rocks aren't an issue. Not the case yesterday. I caught myself in a push-up position and then shot back up burpees style. The second fall, five minutes from the finish (odd don't you think) was a whole different story. First off, I don't fall much. Not sure if its because I have good balance or I just don't take chances on  my footing. What ever the case a root caught my foot and before you know it I face planted into the dirt. Then the shoulder hit and then my elbow rammed into my rib cage. Some trail rash on the arms and a nice black and blue on the oblique were my rewards.

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