Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rest Day and Weekly Re-Cap

I took a must needed rest day today. Did some cleaning around the house if that counts for anything!!

My mileage was little lower this week (38 miles) as compared to the three previous weeks of 50 plus. I've never really trained "by the book" per say, but many say that you should cut the mileage down after three or four big weeks. 50 may not be big for some but its was the first time if hit that number in awhile so you could call it big. The lower mileage should allow my body to recoup and be able to hit it hard again this coming week.

Got in two good strength training sessions this week with five days of core training as well. Feel better about this physically and mentally. I was talking to ben and don't want to be one of those stick figure running people. I want have endurance and be strong as well.

The book i'm reading "racing weight" is really catching my interest. The guy talks about high mileage, proper fuel and proper body composition. When it comes down to it, i just need to focus and have some restraint when it comes to food. Am I really hungry? Do i need that apple with nutella? Is it going to help my training?

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