Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Can't Win

Today's run was great. An easy pace with Jay out at the Holden rail trail and trout brook areas. It was nice to show him my running routes that I frequent so much. Kind of felt new to me in a way, describing certain areas and terrain like it was my first time there. Total run time was an 1:50 for 10.5 miles.

Worked on the basement with my dad in the afternoon. We found where the water was coming in...a giant crack in the foundation (the former owners tried patching it up to no avail, and did not tell us they had previous water damage!!!!). Once we opened the crack up even more with a disc sander we cleaned and vacuumed it out. Then shot some liquid cement in. In a few days we will coat it with some cement patch.

We then headed outside and re-graded the back yard with some fill. Found out where the crack was outside and brought the grade away from the house and downhill. Once it thaws, we will hit the exterior foundation crack by digging down and filling it in the same way we did the inside.

The basement was a mess with the all the cement dust floating around, covering everything. I had a fan going but it just made it breathable (we did use masks). The dust got all over our laundry baskets which I washed off with the hose (first time using the hose since the fall....keep this in mind for later). I then cleaned the basement (2 hours) and headed to target to buy a new fan. On the return, I had remembered that I had forgotten to turn off the valve in the house for our exterior spiket (its basically a valve that turns the water off/on from the inside...then you have to turn it on/off on the outside). So when I went to turn it off, I noticed a leak!!! The drop ceiling tile was soaking wet. I tore it down and shut the main water line off. Ran to home depot and got few o-rings to fix the leak. Now 7:30pm, no leaks, no water and I may be able to sleep well for once this week.

If anything goes wrong with the house from now till the time I go to bed, I told my wife we are packing our stuff and leaving. See ya!

Oh the joys of home ownership!!!!


  1. Always nice to have a blog to vent about the shit that happens everyday. At least you got a good run in

  2. Sounds like a good time to me. If you need any help ill be around Wednesday and Thursday I have dealt with a shit load of water leaks.

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated comments. I'll let you know if i need a hand or two. Thanks again.