Friday, March 11, 2011

Wildlife Sightings

It's been kind of odd this week. Up to this point, road or trail, I haven't really seen too much wildlife in and around grafton. However this week was the exception.

Tues: nothing

Wed: 3 deer drinking from a brook

Thurs: 2 deer drinking from a brook (different from wed)

Fri: 2 skunks!!!!

I came about 15 yards on both days from the deer before they jumped off into the woods. The streams were running right next to the road and I came up on them pretty quick. As for the skunks, I was within 10 feet of the first one. The little guy scurried across the road in a hurry (as did I once i put my headlamp on him!)

The run today was in the rain. I had thoughts about doing a quick 5 miles on the gazebo route but decided to extended it once the rain let up a bit. Ended up with 8 miles in and hour and five minutes.

Looking to get a long run in this weekend but will probably be working on repairing water damage from the flood on Monday. If I have any time it will probably be real early but man am I tired! I need some sleep.

Cool vid of a mt. bike race in Chile

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