Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ran solo this morning. Or should I say I felt like I was flying. Not sure if it was the two days of rest (no running), the GU that I took on the car ride to the high school parking lot (which I never do) or just the fact that I had a "push it" mentality going into the run. Maybe it was even the built-up stress over the flooded basement (gonna cost us some cash to repair..uggh!)

Whatever it was I busted out a 8.89 hilly run in an hour and four minutes. 7:14 miles with big hills like brigham, east, magnolia and north. I've been reading the "racing weight" book and he suggested some type of food pre-workout. I never eat before my morning runs but am willing to give it a go. I'm sold after day one, but again, its just day one.

The entire run just felt easy. I probably could have pushed it more but was holding back in a sense because i knew i had many climbs throughout the course. I definitely want to run this course again to see how I fair in a month or so.

Completed some strength training and core work as well. Logged onto livestrong.com to input my dietary intake. This is the first step to me figuring out what i need to do in order to get to my "racing weight".

Cool link if you have four minutes to spare. Possibly the coolest single track anywhere.

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