Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Foot Soak of the Year and Props

I decided to hit Leominster State Forest up this morning instead of driving out to the Fells. I figured I needed the extra sleep and who cares if I've never seen the course come next Saturday. I'm sure I'm going to run more ultras in which I won't be able to see the course ahead of time. Guess we'll start with next week!

The run was outstanding. I did not know what to expect given the conditions lately. We had warm days (60's), cold nights and some rain to even things out. The trails consisted of either six inches of snow, small rivers running on-top of them, or just dried out and perfect to fly on. The conditions made it fun to change pace, as i couldn't just charge through the snow, but then 20 feet later it would be free and clear of any water/snow.

Found some new trails in the process. I think every time I go to LSF I found a new route/trails. I did get turned around and had to ask a gentleman walking his dog which way back to rt 31 (where my car was). All was good though and it turned out after about 1/2 mile I knew where i was. The run ended up being ~10 miles and an hour and a half long.

Should be a light week for running. I think Sunday through Wednesday should work with Thursday and Friday off. Light runs, hopefully all trail.

Got to give a shout out to Ben today. He attempted his first 50 mile trail run and absolutely killed it. He posted a 9:53 for the course down in NJ. A great effort by him. Can't wait for his recap

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