Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weely Re-cap and Rest Day

As the title shows, I took a well needed rest day. After running for six days straight a day off was in the making (probably by friday). I ran six days a bunch in the summer and fall, buts its been awhile and I definitely felt fatigued.

The weekly mileage of 53.9 put me on pace for my goal of 150 for the month of february. Last week was also the highest mileage week of the year so far. After coming off weeks of  25, 23, and 21 miles this was a huge jump and my body held up great. No snowstorms as well, which may have helped my cause. My monthly total right now is at 68.1 with two full weeks to go. I need 82 miles to get my goal, so 41 a week. Looking to get some long runs in during feb vacation so this should be no problem.

Interesting to note that I did not do any strength training this week, which is the first since the new year. I also did not perform any type of core workout, which is the first complete week off in months.

Colorado's Front Range

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