Monday, February 14, 2011

Houston We Have A Problem

And that problem is....

My wife bought some (now i'm passing the blame, just like she makes me eat it...) about two weeks ago. Since then its been on our grocery list. The routine doesn't change. I come home from school, famished, peel and apple or dice a banana and spread as much nutella and peanut butter/almond butter on it as i possibly can.  I mean, we bought one of those giant tubs of nutella, like saturday, and i've already polished off half of it. And to think that I was a strict paleo guy for two plus years and to just toss it out the window for some lousy chocolate spread (but damn its good!). On other nutritional notes, the paleo train of thought is somewhat still around. Beside the nutella and oatmeal for breakfast (2-3x per week for the last 3 weeks), i've been really good. I think with all this long distance running, fruit, veggies, and meat just aren't cutting it for me. Going to experiment with the oatmeal for a bit longer and see how it goes. Last week's mileage was the high week for this year and I feel good. So we will see.

The run today was solid. Jay and I enjoyed temps in the mid 30's and banged out 8.6 miles with a few good hills to boot. Going to hit the trails tomorrow morning and a group run (i usually run with just run solo or with one other person, so i guess i can call it a group run right?) on wednseday. Ben is looking for a good fartlek run and i have just the idea. Looking forward to it and the warm temps towards the end of the week. I think I saw mid 50's but my have been hallucinating after ingesting all that nutella...


  1. I'm not a nutella fan but I do the exact same thing with peanut butter. I go through 2-3 jars per week unfortunately.

    If you're having trouble getting in enough calories you should try eating a lot of sweet potatoes. Lots of carbs and won't cause digestive problems like vegetables can. I'm a big fan of those.

  2. Good advice Shane. I used to be a big fan of sweet potatoes so i'll try and reach for them instead of the nutella next time!