Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walk and Re-Cap

Took it easy today which felt good. Body feels great after the long run yesterday and thought about running but decided to take a rest day. I have read about running streaks (I was at 13) which is basically to run at least a certain amount (you decide) per day every day. I thought it would be good to try but in thinking more about it and talking to my mother in law about it, a rest day was in order. She said she has known and has trained many people who had running streaks. Some that covered many years! They would run through injuries that they should have rested through and just made some horrible decisions. I don't want to get caught in that trap...

Also took a nice relaxing walk with my daughter. We did a few laps around the neighborhood and called it a day. That's all the exercise for me today (does vacuuming count?). Looking to run some trails in the morning before school tomorrow.

Busted out 53.3 miles this week, which means I hit three weeks of 50 plus miles. I have obtained my goal of 150 miles (currently 172) and am looking to push to 175 for the month of march. Got in three days of core work and no days of strength training. I need to start strength training again. No excuses.

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