Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goin Long

Ben, Bryan and myself hit off a solid long run this morning on the streets of Grafton. Bryan joined us for the first 12.77 miles (2:05) before calling it a day. Pretty impressive for three consecutive weekends of running. He started with 6 miles, then 10 and 12 today. Good athlete with a solid fitness base.

Ben and I then refilled water and grabbed some grub and headed off for round two. We started the loop backwards per my request to mix things up. Ben's foot acted up and he peeled off after a big climb and descent. I continued on and finished out another 10. 07 miles with a few climbs.

My legs generally felt good all run. A slower pace in the first lap allowed me to cruise on the last ten to the finish. I actually saw a runner about half mile ahead of me coming off a big climb and caught the guy right near the finish. Weather was comfortable with a slight wind at times. No real issues with the body, just hate running long on the roads as it seems to hurt my body more afterwards than a long trail run.

Got my goal of 150 miles for the month of February. Currently in the 170's and have a few more days to add to the total. With the weather hopefully getting warmer, the trails could be more accessible. Looking ahead, I hope to achieve 175 miles for the month of March.

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