Sunday, February 20, 2011

Redline and Weekly Re-Cap

After a long run yesterday and waking up feeling adequately recovered (slept to 7am!), I figured I would test my endurance at the trails of trout brook. I figured lets go as hard as I can for an hour and see how I feel. Maybe I'll blow up and walk it in or maybe I'll be fine. I wasn't really sure how my body would react, but needless to say that I was pleased.

The conditions were in the upper 20's to low 30's depending on the wind chill with hard packed icy snow under foot. I wore my spikes and salomon s-labs for foot ware and carried my water bottle. I retrospect i should have ditched the water bottle because i really didn't drink that much and it was just unnecessary weight.

The total run was 53 minutes and 6.5 miles in length. I did two loops on a shorter piece of single track combined with a larger loop. I passed many families out with their kids (great to see) but had to slow down in order to get by. Also many dogs and owners out as well.

My heart rate felt like it was somewhere in the 80-90th %  and I'm not sure if i could have gone any faster without being completely reckless. There was one spot where horses passed recently and the postholes where a perfect invitation for a broken ankle. Luckily I made it out unscathed and am ready to go tomorrow.

Weekly Re-cap showed 7 days of running. Five of those days were on trails and two on the roads of grafton. Total mileage was 51.4 miles and 119.4 for the month of February. That means I need only 30.6 miles for this upcoming week to hit my goal of 150. As I wrote last re-cap, this is school vacation week and i should be able to hit that easily.

Also did 4 days of core training, but no strength training per say. Did 4 days of cross-training in class (floor hockey) which got the heart rate up and used different muscle groups. Good week nutrition wise. Safe to say the nutella splurge is over, as we bypassed it this time at the grocery store.

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