Saturday, February 19, 2011

Corridor 71

Corridor 71 is a snowmobile route that runs through Rutland State Forest and goes on for miles and miles. I tried to research the corridor but found no info on it. I think one must be part of a snowmobile club to get trail info unfortunately. Anyways, began the run at 5:45am with light snow tickling my face. I did not bring a light source, knowing that the sun will be rising shortly and carrying one for 30 minutes or so would be a nuisance latter on. I did not intend on traveling on this route but the single track at rutland was unfortunately untouched in areas. I checked one spot before getting on 71 and someone took about 5 steps then turned around (which is what i did). Too bad we don't have a dedicated trail running/snowshoeing community around here that packs trails out after every snowfall. Out west and even up in the whites, after every new snow, people are busting their butts just trying to find fresh powder to break out. Oh well, not in cmass i guess.

After jumping on 71 and an immediate road crossing, the route turned into a roller coaster ride. Many short ups and downs, with a few really tough climbs towards the middle. Crossed two more roads and stopped at the third. I think I may have ended up in Spencer, not sure though. The trail conditions were flawless. Hard pack snow that is wide enough for two to three people in spots. Can't believe it took me this long to find this place! I ran a portion of it in the summer but the trail seemed unkept and covered by tons of brush (primarily a winter route).  Will be back to explore even further next time.

Overall, run was just what i needed. A new trail, good conditions and a pace that I could really crank on. Took me 1:13 to the turnaround point (including two trails that i turned around on for a total of 10 minutes) and ending with a total time of 2:04. Needless to say I was really cruising on the return.


  1. just started using a segment of this up in templeton. few trees down from the October snowstorm, but nice wide, flat. looks like a good amount of horse traffic, so it might be kept clear in the summer as well.

  2. Thanks David. I haven't run 71 in any other season but the winter and would like to check it out. Thanks for the update. Any other trail running spots up in your area?