Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Road Run

Jay and I pounded the streets of grafton this morning. Cold temps and a light breeze had me thinking "get to a hill right away to get warm". Oak street it is and we were off. We hit the center of town and down south street on our way to sibley. We then hit pigeon hill, which I guess is ranked a category 5 climb in jay's mapmyrun program on his ipod. Oak and Brigham are as well (i would think barbara jean but not sure). The rankings are a spin-off of the categories the tour de france uses for its climbs. Pretty cool in my op. After the cat 5 climb (sounds cool too) we strode down chestnut and up north. From there, we intersected with wesson and hit the hill on magnolia then returned to the high school via wesson, bicknell and carrol. I asked Jay if he had any left in the tank with two miles remaining. He said he was good and I said lets go. So we pushed the last two miles after 6 hilly miles on our peds. Good stuff and felt good after too.

Gonna hit the trails off wheeler tomorrow am and again on friday. Injury update is looking better everyday. Knee is better and shoulder is almost there. Still some slight soreness in the shoulder (after about 3 weeks?). May want to get it checked out internally sometime. I'm an idiot though (thats what my wife says) when it comes to going to the doctor.

Looking to go long with ben on saturday. Need a good run with some distance. Have a cool idea for it including some trails and road running.

In other news: Ian Sharman ran 100 miles in 12:44 at the rocky raccoon down in tx last weekend which is under and 8 minute mile. What?

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