Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Runs

Every once and awhile you have a run where everything is just perfect. The temp, the footing, how you feel, the scenery all become aligned into perfection. This morning's run had all of those qualities. The snow was falling quite heavily and Jay and I as we proceeded through the trails off wheeler road in grafton. The snow was only about 2 inches deep on top of a hard snow-packed trail. Wearing our traction of choice, we strode along the trails for just over an hour.

The pace was easy and the conversation was enlightening when necessary. A few times in the open fields I even turned off my light just to feel at peace with the whole scene. This is what running is all about. Finding that place. It may happen infrequently, but when it does, it makes all those early morning runs or long runs worth it. I'm thankful that I can and do run. Sometimes I just take it for granted. Its a gift and I am grateful for it.

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