Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Negative Split

Ran the rail trail with ben in holden this morning. Cold temps and light snow flurries to report. Felt good going out on the first three miles and decided to get a negative split on the way back. I was at 24 minutes even at the turnaround and hit 48:17 at the parking lot. Lost my footing towards the middle of the run quite a few times which had me sliding around. Picked it up big time toward the last mile and regained some time.

I haven't really done any work with neg. splits but think I will in the future. I have a tendency to go out too strong and lag at the end. This should help me pace myself better in the start and to be able to finish strong.

Big storm hitting the northeast right now. Seems like every other day I report that! Looks like I'll be packing out my favorite trails again...

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