Monday, January 31, 2011

Morning Run and Monthly Recap

Jay and I hit the roads of grafton for a 7 mile loop early this morning. With frost hanging off our chins and eyelids closing due to the condensation and freezing temps, all systems were a go and we seemed to be running smoothly up even the largest inclines. We hit major hills in oak, barbara jean and sean mikeal and cruised the downhills and flats. A solid run in my book.

As for the monthly wrap-up, I hit 124 miles with 14 days off. The days off were mostly around my taper pre 50k and post for recovery. I think the major snowstorms in our area has also dampened my efforts to get more mileage. I can't complain about trails not getting packed out, I love snowshoe running, but I know I can crank out way more mileage if the trials were knocked down a bit.

Looking ahead, February looks to be adding a wee bit more snow this wednesday, so I'll have to break out the shoes again. As for mileage, I may need to hit the road a little more en route to my goal of 150 miles this month.  As for injuries, the knee is bothersome at times (mainly on roads), the heel/foot is great, and the shoulder is still in pain (sharp) but seems to be subsiding (slowly).

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