Friday, February 4, 2011

Early Morning Snowshoe Run

With the temps reaching below zero, jay and I snowshoe ran the trails off wheeler road in grafton this morning. It was jay's first time running in snowshoes and i think it was a good experience for him. The trails were semi-packed down in spots and in others either not packed at all or broken out by a single person in just boots. The snow was a firm crust, which was hard to break through, and very tough to pull back out of.

We ran for approximately 45 minutes and called it day, doing one large loop and two smaller loops in the forest around lake ripple. Another storm looks to hit the area tomorrow and will probably fill our tracks in yet again! Oh well, it all works for the better in the end.

A slow week for me so far. Only three runs really out of five days. Took wednesday and thrusday off due to the storm but could of hit the "dreadmill" if i wanted too. Just being lazy I guess. I enjoy running in the winter yet sometimes I urn for the snow to be gone and to be able to fly down the trails. Soon enough i guess.

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