Friday, February 25, 2011


First off, let me say that I hate treadmills. Always did and always will. With my wife's wisdom teeth surgery today, I knew my run would be later in the day and on the treadmill. Six rolls around and I dawn my shorts, t-shirt and road shoes for my run on the "dreadmill". After about 4 minutes I hop off due to a sound I wasn't liking.

A little background first. I don't use the treadmill. Ever! If I had to guess in the year and a month since we've owned it, I may have used it less than ten times. My wife uses it more than I do but we both would rather go outside than stay in the basement. So, what the heck is wrong with the thing. I got out my tools, only to find out that I don't have an alan wrench big enough to possibly fix it. Not sure but need to check on the warranty first.

So after spending about 20 minutes hemming and hawing about the stupid treadmill, I decide the hell with it, I'm going outside. I head upstairs to tell my wife and mother-in-law that I'm headed out for a run. They both look at me and just shake their heads.

After opening the garage door, and noticing that its blowing snow and windy I begin to rethink my plan. I have yet to change since my treadmill run. Shorts, shirt (i threw on a fleece) and shoes. I got a couple of looks from people shoveling their driveways but what the heck, A guy needs to get his run in!

All in all a solid run. A shade over 4 miles of hill repeats in the neighborhood next to mine. Looking to go long tomorrow.

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