Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today is my day. The day I stepped out into this world...31 years ago. Thought about running 31 miles for my birthday but an oil change, working for my brother-in-law and hanging with my wife and little daughter took precedence. Oh well, maybe 32 miles for next years bday.

Would like to get a decent run in tomorrow. Not sure what the weather may bring but would like to get double digits in mileage. A sub par week for me. No excuses just didn't feel like running all that much. Actually had the alarm set for 6am. Had a 13 mile route planned out on the roads (rrrrr!!) and just never got out of bed. Can't win 'em all.

Found a site with famous people's birthday's. I guess I'm in good company today.  Almost forgot. My wife bought me the best birthday present ever. A pint of Ben and Jerry's "Everything but The". Possibly the best ice cream flavor ever. Now I definitely need to go for a run tomorrow!


  1. Um I believe you said you weren't eating junk food this year!!! Delicious ice cream choice though

    Happy birthday man

  2. Thanks Ben! I couldn't resist the temptation. Place and Ben and Jerry's in front of me and I won't even think twice.