Friday, February 18, 2011

Back to the Webber

Jay and I ran the Webber property bright and early this morning. We got in 5.7 miles in an hour and five minutes. We pushed the pace the last 3/4 mile which felt good. Temps are in the upper 30's and snow was a mix of hard packed ice to soft postholeing snow. It pretty much varied depending how many times the snowmobiles rode over the trails we were trying to run on. The more the activity, the harder the snow. We totally skipped one part that i hit on thrusday because the riders only got that section once or twice, but we added another section across route 30 to add some distance and elevation that i missed on thursday. A good trade off to say the least.

Warm temps today in the 50's will have in impact on the overall snowpack and winter trail running in general. I heard that its going to get cold tonight with some strong winds, but not sure if that will be enough to harden the snow. A few cold days in a row will get us right back on track, and you have to think, its only mid-feb! We're not out of it yet!!!

Looking to get two to three hours tomorrow and possibly on sunday as well. Looking at rutland and leominster state forest or wachusett mt as possible sites.

Mt. Washington

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