Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Frustrating Run

As I drove down route 31 this morning, I thought to myself, "Thank god I'm not running on the road." With ice flowing down the middle of the lane, water crisscrossing the streets and just enough room for two cars to pass I thought I had made the right decision. After parking at the rail trail parking lot and noticing that the entire lot was sheer ice, I realized today was a great day for micospikes to be used. Not 4 minutes down the trail I was already turned around in disgust. The temps were in the mid to high 30's and the snow was way to soft to run it with just shoes. So, I turned around, took off my spikes and put on my snowshoes and ran back down the rail trail. I turned around at the two mile marker to get four miles total and an overall decent workout, but just not what I wanted.

Driving home I thought I should have just sucked it up and played chicken with cars while running the roads. There's always tomorrow I guess.

Have been checking out the site for the Bighorn 100 lately. Seems like a solid race with a ton of vertical climb which I love and know I can handle.  Many things come into play for me do this race. Money, time off from school and finding someone to watch my daughter while my wife is at work will all have to align for me to go out to wyoming.

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