Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowshoe Run

Today, after a few days off, Ben and I headed to Leominster State Forest to do a snowshoe run. We ran for about 50 minutes, covering around 4.5 miles. I would say half of the time we were breaking trail in over a foot and half of snow. A solid workout to say the least.

Since Wednesday, I thought I may have a case of plantar facitis. I've had it before, back when I played a lot of hoops, and thought the feeling was similar. Although I woke up today and it felt so much better. I have been massaging it and stretching more than usual, which may have helped.

Looking to head back out in to the woods tomorrow for another run. Probably with snowshoes again which is fine with me. I look at as a different form a training that is going to help my endurance come spring time.

Happy to hear Ben is looking for another utlra to add to his list. We discussed Wapack and a few others. I for one can't wait to run wapack again. As a big hiker, who loves elevation, this is the race for me. Till then...

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