Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No School!!!

No school today due to the massive noreaster. We also picked up a two hour delay tomorrow. Did a snowshoe hike this afternoon when the snow died down somewhat. Cut through my back yard to some train tracks then over to nick's woods which is part of the greater Worcester land trust. Snow was about knee deep in some spots and really tested my less than fresh legs. Was out for about two hours and began to feel it in my hamstrings on the way home. Guess I'm not totally recovered yet from the 50k on Saturday. Its been nice to take a break from running this week. I will probably get back at this weekend with a snowshoe run or another light hike around my area.

Been thinking of entering a snowshoe race this winter. I've been enjoying running in my tubbs, though not sure if they would hold up in a race like setting. Checked out some dion snowshoes and they seemed pretty expensive. Oh if only money grew on trees...

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