Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowshoe Run Part II

Trained with the snowshoes again and got a solid workout. About half the time I was breaking trail which was surprising at popular place like the rail trail. I did, however, find some new trails (hard to believe since I've been there over a hundred times!) which were unbroken.

Pace was consistent throughout. Not killing it but steady with heart rate elevated. May try to do some strength training work later today if time permits. Legs felt slightly tired due to yesterdays snowshoe run at LSF. Will try a road run tomorrow (hate the road!!!) to see if this snowshoe training is really working.

Speaking of training, the wapack 50 RD emailed me and the registration is now open on ultrasignup. Also waiting for the Fells utra sign-up to open which I may do in March.

Looking ahead, we may have a storm hitting the east coast on mon night and tues am, which could delay/cancel school. I would rather have a delay and not go one more day come June. Also could sneak in a trail run in the morning without using my headlamp for once!!

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