Monday, January 17, 2011


Wow was it cold this morning. Went for a run at the rail trail in Holden and it was 12 when I stepped out of the car. A slight breeze brought the temps close to zero as I could feel the sting on my face and fingers.

Run was super quiet. Saw nobody the entire run which was surprise on the rail trail. Stuck to the main trail for the most par due to the fact that is was packed out to the fullest. Between the snowshoers and the cross country skiers the main track felt like a compactor rolled over it.

Picked up some Kahtoola microspikes at EMS yesterday and wanted to try them out (which is why I went to the rail trail instead of the road....) and they were a great buy. Someone bought them and returned them without a box, never used due to size issues. They are originally 60 and I got them for half that. As far as traction goes they are the best that I have used (they blow the stabilizer sports out of the water) and the fit is perfect. With the stabilizers I would constantly worry about them falling off or partially coming off (front or back). The spikes stay firm and I just have to think about running. Also picked up a pair of gloves (ems brand, 20% shopper!) and they did the trick.

Could be a messy day tomorrow. Snow then some ice and rain. Not sure whats up for school but an morning run could be possible.

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