Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowshoe Payoff

This mornings projected run in the trails of rayburn ended us (ben and I) parked and me strapping on my snowshoes parked down on cross st. in milbury. The parking area was plowed in at rayburn and (although my subaru is a beast) I did not feel like getting it stuck at 7am on a saturday morning.

So off we went, ben with his inov-8's and yaktrax and I in my salomon s-labs with tubbs snowshoes down the powerlines of milbury. There had be recently activity below our feet, my guess would be snowmobiles, but not recent enough to make it easy to run in. My guess would be 6-8 inches of powder and up to a foot in spots due to drifting. Although this proved to be more taxing than a normal hour plus run, the payoff come spring time will make all the difference. I'd rather suffer now and blow my competition away when the trails clear.

Temperature wise it was on the very cold side. When we got out of the car it read 13 degrees and 7 when when got back in. Tights, long socks, under armor and a heavy outer with gloves and hat provided me with enough coverage from the elements. I always seem to over-dress on days like this and end up sweating profusely. Today I think I managed well.  Blue sky's all the way with no wind to speak of helped our cause.

May do some core work (did I mention my core still hurt from the P90x I did three days ago!) this evening.

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