Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Day Off

From school that is. I think we are up to June 22nd and we are not even out of January. Looking like going to school in July could be a possibility. Anyhow, went on a snowshoe hike out my back door. Found some tracks that someone broke out a few days ago and followed them out what look like to be a pre-cut trail down to the rail road tracks. If this is true, that will save me a ton of time in connecting my backyard to the conservation land.

Did some more scouting for the connecting trail and things look promising. Small streams, large rocks, downed trees and plenty of hills will make this "backyard trail" interesting. Have not heard back from the greater worcester land trust guy on helping with trail clean-up in the spring. May give him a call asap.

As far as my injuries go, the shoulder is in serious pain. Not like a dull achy pain that comes with a muscle strain but a sharp pain that makes me wince when I move it in certain directions. The knee was fine on the hike and tomorrow's run in milbury will be a good test.

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