Saturday, January 29, 2011

Road/Trail Workout

Today I intended to toss on my microspikes and tear up the rail trail in holden. I got to the parking lot, a few cars where already parked, and I assumed that they would have packed down the trails for me (thanks everyone). I set off and 30 seconds later I was turning around and heading back towards my car. The trails were not really broken out too well, and after yesterday's slog I didn't want a  repeat performance. So, I head back to the car, took off the spikes and hit the roads surrounding the rail trail.

The roads were quiet, only two cars passed me the entire 33 minutes, and were partially snow covered to give my joints a break. The road was a quintessential new england back road with pines lining the sides and snowbanks up to my ears.

During the run, on a road in which I have not run on before, I stumbled upon a possible new running spot. The sign said "town forest" and I perked up and took a peek. The trails were not packed but I got real excited. New trails = happy guy. So, I picked up my pace and headed back to the car. Got in the car and drove back to the town forest and strapped on my snowshoes. Then I proceeded to head out for a half hour slog in my snowshoes on mostly unbroken snow. (didn't i say i didn't want to do this?). I guess all the excitement in finding a new trail got my juices flowing and I couldn't be stopped. Not sure if there are trails laid out during the other three seasons, but for now, I have a new place to snowshoe and to possibly trail run.

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