Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rest Day of Sorts

No running today per say. I did play floor hockey in class today. Scoring about 8 goals and 12 assists (I was taking it easy...).
 Me, after scoring my final goal of the day....

Finished my 97 Burpees and core workout in the morning and ate well all day. No chocolate and all fruits, veggies and meat to fill the tank.

Looking forward to tomorrow's easy run. Gazebo route of 5 miles at an easy pace. Hard to taper before race. I want to run more but think (know) it would be best to do other less strenuous activities. May play floor hockey again wed/thrus to keep the blood flowing, we'll see though.

Decided to not start my strength training routine till after the race. Do not want to go in sore, as it could adversely affect my stride.

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