Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hard to believe that I ran the gazebo road race back in 2003 in 30:53. Although this was just a training run and albeit a taper week, that was 17 minutes quicker than the pace jay and I were holding today. No worries though. We had fun on a crisp clear winter morning.

Looking like the storm will only drop 2-4 inches on us on friday night and into saturday morning. Should make the footing a little difficult but not unreasonable. Picked up some chocolate covered pretzels for the aid station table. I was going to bake some peanut butter chocolate bars but decided the pretzels would do...just being lazy I guess.

Played floor hockey again this morning. Scored many more goals and had a ton of assists. Should of went pro...oh well. Got whacked real good in the shin and a bruise to show. Also busted out my core workout and 98 burpees (almost there!!). Over and out.

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