Monday, January 3, 2011

Morning Run

Well another holiday vacation in the books. Sure went by fast. Glad to be back to some sort of routine though. Got in a solid 8 mile run this morning. Started just before 5am. This has been the norm lately. I feel this is the only time if have to get solid runs in and still be a decent dad. I actually like running in the morning because it really gets me motivated for the rest of the day. Post-run, got my 96 burpees in (almost there!) and my 10 minute yoga routine (new years res) which went well. Also busted out 100 sit-ups and will do some core training this evening when my daughter goes down for a nap.

Weather is still a bit shaky for this weekends 50k, but I keep hearing snow on Friday and into Saturday. Could make this an epic ultra...can't wait.

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