Monday, January 10, 2011

Post Race Reflections

Looking back at this weekends race a few things that standout comes to mind. Although I know I went out too fast, a seven minute mile to be exact for three miles, that is where I need to be to become competitive (ie win races). My weekly training has been too slow (around 8 to 9 min per mile) and my long runs could be quicker as well (usually around 9:30 to 10 min miles).

I also think that I need more miles during the week. I have been getting in anywhere from 5 miles to 8 miles in the morning runs. I know that if can get above 10 I should be good. My long runs on the weekend are anywhere between 2 and 4 hours depending on the next race I have and how much time I have to prepare between races. So I wouldn't really change the long run (just run it faster!)

I would explain my failure on the 5th lap (getting passed by two dudes right at the start of the lap) to going out too fast. This is simply mental. I know I can't hang with the leaders...yet. I just need to get it through my head.

Training has been minimal over the last two days. Jumped on the treadmill for ten minutes on Sunday just to move a bit. A good stretch and I was good to go. Today consisted of a few hallway runs (ah the GHS hallway run) some core work, yoga routine and more stretching (boy does that foam roller hurt!!!).  Will probably take another day off from running and hit on Wednesday.

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