Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day of Rest/More Resolutions

Rest day today for me. Although I wouldn't call 95 burpees a rest day. Banged them all out in the morning. Only five more days and the 100 day burpee challenge will be complete.

Been thinking of other resolutions for the new year. Along with eating a bit better, a consistent stretching routine (possibly a ten minute yoga routine) to be completed 3x per week, a better structured and varied core workout (I do one now, but it consist mainly of situps and back extensions), and cross training cardiovascular wise (running is great, but I must do something else to keep it bike/xcountry ski etc).

Also been thinking of the race this saturday at bradley palmer. Temps were close to 50's for the last two days and most the snow around here has melted. Cold front coming in and whats left will be turned to ice. Could make running a 50k quite challenging.

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